Monday, 18 December 2023 17:12

Gone Fishing Day - Redfin Fishing Competition 2023

Gone Fishing Day 2

Gunning District Landcare proudly participated in the NSW DPI and Recreational Fisheries Trust’s “Gone Fishing Day” on November 4, hosting our second Redfin Fishing Competition for children and teens.


Fifty-six participants, accompanied by their families, fished along the banks of Meadow Creek. Despite the lack of catches, the event served as a valuable platform to educate participants about responsible fishing practices and conservation initiatives in their own backyard. Event judge and fish expert Mark Lintermans from the University of Canberra explained that the Redfin perch are voracious predators of the endangered Southern Pygmy Perch and other vulnerable native fish, and are one of the main threats to the native fish species in our local waterways. Participants learned about the importance of stopping the spread of Redfin both purposely and inadvertently through the transport of live fish.


Funding from the Gone Fishing Day grant allowed us to provide 30 fishing rods and reels to participants. Witnessing these young anglers acquire new skills and spend quality time with their families and fellow community members was truly heartwarming.


Thanks to everyone who participated and made it a great day. A big thank you also goes out to those who helped out - including Mark Lintermans, Kim Garsia, Matthew Streat, and Rubin Lees. A special thanks goes to the Gunning Scouts for putting on a great sausage sizzle for the hungry fishers. Numerous children left with fantastic prizes thanks to donations and support from Gunning Ag and Water Solutions, Yass Outdoors, Tackleworld Canberra, and BCF. Mark Lintermans also donated several copies of his book as prizes.