Landcare is a community-based approach to managing and protecting our natural resources – creating more productive and sustainable farms, conserving our environment and building more cohesive and resilient communities. Landcare has helped to transform the landscape, enabling farmers, landowners and conservationists to work together at a local level on local issues.

Gunning District Landcare is open to all people with an interest in sustainable farming and healthy environments. We work towards making our farms, properties, homes and public spaces economically and environmentally sustainable. The overriding principle guiding Gunning District Landcare’s activities is that the environment and production are intertwined.

Fighting feral foxes

Check out this recent video to learn about the history and importance of controlling feral foxes in the Gunning region.

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We invite you to renew your membership with Gunning District Landcare, or join for the first time, for the 2021-2022 financial year. Visit our membership page, or get in touch to discuss other options.

Annual membership with Gunning District Landcare is $25 for individuals, $35 for households. We have now also introduced a 3-year membership which costs $70 for individuals and $100 for households. Membership is free for students, pensioners and other concession holders.

Your membership fee will go towards the operating costs of the group and ensures that you will:

  • Attend GDL workshops and events for free, or a discounted rate;
  • Become an affiliate member of Upper Lachlan Landcare; 
  • Receive our monthly e-newsletter;
  • Find out about an amazing array of events in the region;
  • Enable you to create connections and develop networks to grow and share your knowledge.

You might also like to consider making a donation - we appreciate all donations, large and small. Contributions support our various projects and enables us to purchase required resources. Please get in touch and let us know if you would like to direct your donation to a particular activity. Visit our donation page here.