Friday, 22 September 2023 14:49

Bush Regeneration Training Workshop

Jed Pearson points out Priority Weeds to the group Jed Pearson points out Priority Weeds to the group Leah Samson

Over a dozen motivated Landcarers braved the icy winds at the Gunning Showgrounds on Saturday 9 September for our recent Plant ID and Bush Regeneration workshop. The presenters, Jed and Toby Pearson from Southern Inland Environmental, held 3 sessions on the day. Whether it be on their own properties, or as part of our new Bushcare group, everyone left that day with the knowledge and resources to start regenerating native bushland.

The first session was focused on plant and weed identification. Jed created a fantastic cheat-sheet for identifying plants by characteristics like leaf shape, flowers, and seed heads. After learning some ID skills, the group headed up to the bush block at the Showgrounds for some hands-on experience. Jed and Toby first pointed out some priority weeds on the block, including African Lovegrass, Serrated Tussock, St John’s Wort, and Blackberry, and ensured the attendees had a good grasp on how to identify them. Then, the pair led the group around the block and identified nearly every plant they came across. Some special finds were large patches of kangaroo grass, a cluster of native everlasting daisies, and many self-seeded eucalypts.  

After morning tea, Toby walked the group through weed control techniques, including a backpack sprayer demonstration. He provided a comprehensive walk through of safety protocols when using chemical herbicides and created space for the attendees to ask questions about herbicide use on their own properties.

 The final session, held after lunch, featured another walk through the Showgrounds bush block. Jed showed the group the best way to plant tubestock, and the group planted 5 wattles on the block. He then displayed physical methods of weed removal, and demonstrated on some unlucky Serrated Tussock nearby. He also identified the next steps on how to promote bush regeneration on the block, with the first task at hand being removal of Priority Weeds. He emphasised the importance of protecting the good quality areas on the block, such as the patches of kangaroo grass and everlasting daisies, and focusing future bush regeneration to move outward from those areas. 

We are grateful for the contributions from ACCIONA Energia and Transgrid that made this training session possible, and for their support for our new Bushcare group. If you would like to join the Bushcare group, or learn more about the works on the Showgrounds Bush Block, reach out to Leah at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.