Mates of Mundoonen

Mates of Mundoonen was originally a WIRES funded project to determine how the koala and the spotted quail-thrush are faring in the local Mundoonen Nature Reserve. The project is ongoing as funding becomes available.

Recently, koalas across the country were beleaguered by devastating bush fires and habitat destruction. Is our koala still with us locally? This project, led by local landcare groups from the Gunning and Yass districts, aims to find out – and to do all it can to help keep koalas here for the future.

The Spotted Quail-thrush is a beautiful bird - if only you could see it! It often goes un-noted because it merges into the background so well. But the current low detection rate in the Mundoonen NR may be due to there now being fewer of them to be seen.  

Through a series of linked activities, locals were offered enjoyable and exciting information sessions from native animal specialists, including George Madani. Watch this space for upcoming events.


Past Events and Opportunities:


Let's talk Koalas – informative and funny koala webinar with renowned wildlife ecologist George Madani. As part of this webinar George will share many little-known facts about koala biology and behaviour and there will be discussion about threats to the vulnerable koala populations in NSW. Thursday 19 November 7pm – 8pm


Spotlight Tour – unique opportunity to join freelance wildlife ecologist George Madani on a spotlight tour in Mundoonen Ranges. George Madani specialises in endangered species monitoring and remote area fauna surveys. While his chief passion is for illusive micro-bats and obscure frogs, he also scales tall trees to catch koalas for research purposes. The Mundoonen Nature reserve is home to many nocturnal animals and has included two threatened species Koala and Powerful Owl. Tuesday 8 December 6pm – 9pm.